Prevent the HOS Violations & Function in Submission with the DOT Regulations with a GPS Tracking System

DOT regulations conformity has become the top priority for the owners of the industrial fleet enterprises in order to save themselves from the heavy fines and firing of the licenses. They need to give education for their people so that they could comply with the DOT regulations and driver the cars according to the traffic rules.
While teaching the owners is mandatory; but, having a GPS tracking program in position can also help to prevent the violations and function in respect with the DOT regulations. The monitoring system made available from TraxxisGPS provides of several features, which can help get automated regulations. This includes:
DOT Regulation Conformity

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With the GPS checking process from TraxxisGPS, the functioning hours of the owners will be recorded automatically. More over, it may also provide the record and summaries on the efficiency of the people and vehicles. Therefore, this method will help the people and the organization to keep appropriate and prevent the HOS (hours of service) TomTom Telematics.
ELD Requirement
It will undoubtedly be mandatory for every industrial fleet enterprise to follow along with the ELD mandate with influence from 18th December 2017. With the GPS checking process from TraxxisGPS, you will get such a device. It will be connected to the mobile phone of the individuals utilizing the Bluetooth connection. ELD will automatically history the duration of the driving. The individuals will not be needed to steadfastly keep up their records as ELD can do it for them. It can provide them a software wherever they can view and modify their logs.
Security Inspections
According to the regulations of DOT, a DVIR safety examination should be conducted by the people before starting their journey and following the completion of these shifts. With the GPS monitoring process by TraxxisGPS, the drivers can perform the security inspections with ease and in paid off time as they will receive a customized checklist for inspection. It may also permit them to save the inspection files in electronic form.
To sum it up, lots of people relate GPS monitoring process for industrial fleet business with just checking the location of the fleet. But, this technique features of so many other characteristics, that may turn your commercial fleet company in to a effective endeavor.

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