Protect Yourself With Proxy Sites

You’ve probably heard of the whole phenomenon of proxy sites, particularly if you stay in or around a college or university campus. Proxy server sites are easily some of the most useful tools you could get on the Internet, especially given that privacy and security are such top focus. Here are a couple of reasons why you’d want to look for a web proxy for your own use.

Although Internet access has become common in most schools, it doesn’t suggest that you’ll be able to browse your favorite sites. Almost every college that offers wireless World wide web access also enforces one kind of website blocking or another, such that sites like Facebook are hard to get at proxy unblock. It might not noise like a large thing when you are reading about it, but from the really big inconvenience when you spend a huge chunk of every school day without access to your selected sites.

These sites give a simple and quick solution if you wish to browse ‘banned’ sites using the school’s system. By passing through such a site, the school’s servers don’t recognize the site’s domain name as ‘banned, ‘ and so should allow you to surf your social sites to your heart’s content.

At the same time, the school servers also won’t be able to track the sites that you visit. All might see is a document of your visiting the URL of the proxy site, but no more than that. It’s a useful solution if you may want the school administrators nosing about your Internet activity.

It’s not merely the school managers who won’t be able to keep an eye on you. Proxy sites will also help you maintain your anonymity once you commence browsing the web. Websites nowadays are able to be aware of your IP tackle and, with a couple of extra steps, locate your location and all but identify who you really are.

By utilizing proxy sites, you put an intermediary IP address between yourself and the sites you browse. As a result, the sites you visit will only be able to see the IP address of the proxy site you used, and not those of your own computer. After that you can surf a little easier, assured that anybody trying to track you will have a much harder time for it.

This specific comes especially convenient if you wish to visit sites that nobody else should know about. Do you want to keep those nighttime visits to certain sites a secret from your roommate or parents? Web proxy sites can make it happen; even if they snoop around on your desktop, all they’ll see is the URL of the site you used.

With the way technology and software has developed, it is now easy for anyone to monitor your activity on the Internet. It’s a disquieting thought, specially when you consider all the personal and private things you do online. Do you want to make your Web browsing experience fun and worry-free? Proxy sites will be the only things you’ll need.