Why Select a Bivi Bag?

Whether you are climbing up, strolling or trekking, the addition of a great bivi bag to your package is necessary, this can offer you with an emergency situation shelter need to you find yourself in a scenario where conditions have degraded and you are stranded. If there is any opportunity that you may be confronted with severe conditions then it is recommended to bring a bivi to ensure you are secured from the aspects till either aid gets here or the conditions alleviate off.

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The advantages of a bivi bag frequently go unidentified due to a range of elements. A bivi bag is a light-weight and quickly suitable piece of devices which can be included to your backpack without the extra inconvenience of a camping tent and is much simpler and faster to set up. A Gortex Bivi Bag ag will also keep you dry throughout the night, permitting wetness from your body out however also avoiding it from getting in. Did you know that the body, even on a cold night, can sweat over a litre of water therefore in a sleeping bag alone this is most likely to leave you awakening moist in the early morning, something which a bivi will avoid.


Bivi bags also have windproof qualities, specifically the more recent Gore-Tex bags, and as you popular, the heat sapping capacity of the wind is something best prevented. Great quality bivi bags are also versatile to all year use and are exceptionally resilient, lasting the owner a very long time offering he or she looks after it. This in the long term will conserve you money.

Bike Bivi Bag Benefits and drawbacks.


Depending upon where you’re originating from, the bike bivi bag has a whole selection of names. The bivi bag is also referred to as the bivy sack, the bivi bivouac, bag and bivy sack. The primary function of this bag still stays the same, which is to shelter the user from the aspects. Regardless of it being typically light-weight, this bag is able to easily fit a single person and is water resistant. Basically, people use the bag when they rather not go through the trouble of carrying a camping tent with them.


The Pros.


The bag is practical and is terrific specifically for those bicyclists going on a short outdoor camping trip. While a common bike camping tent might weigh around 5 to 9 pounds, it just weighs less than 3 pounds. Relative to a camping tent, the bike bivi bag also needs smaller sized ground space to establish. It is quite simple to use, which is necessary for worn out bicyclists who merely want to have an excellent night’s rest before the next day’s journey.


The Cons.


While it’s fantastic that this bag is compact, its saving grace is also an issue for some. The bivi bag is not for those who love their privacy as it is practically logistically difficult to change your clothing while you remain in this camping tent. It is also not for those who are claustrophobic either as the tightness of the space may feel constrictive. The product of the bag can also get quite unpleasant after prolonged sleep as users may begin to feel clammy due to absence of air circulation through the bag. For much better or even worse, the bivi bag just fits a single person at a time so it may not be the most affordable as that suggests everybody needs to buy their own.

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