Help Your Child Get Organized


Let’s be honest, children are messy. While some children naturally develop a habit of organizing things as they grow older, some children don’t. The good thing is that it is never too late to teach them to get organized. Especially when they start going to school, being organized plays a big role in academic success.

This is where student care centers come in. Even though developing this skill must start primarily at home and school, a student care center can come in to teach them to be independent, along with other important traits and skills.

Furthermore, here are some other tips on how to help your child get organized.

Set a Time for Studying

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To help your child with organizing time for play and study, set a definite schedule for both. Your child must understand that certain time of the day is reserved for schoolwork. Ideally, this study time should be after play or you even let him or decide. You should make it clear that even without homework; the scheduled time must be used for reviewing the day’s lesson, advanced reading or working on an upcoming assignment.

Always Prep for the Day

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Teach your child to always prepare for the next day. This includes putting away all the homework and books from the night before and laying out clothes and accessories. This will not only cut down the morning rush but will also help your child understand that being organized will result in a more positive and less stressful day.

Use Containers and Organizers 

Provide designated containers and organizers for the things inside your child’s room. If there is a specific area for everything, it would be easier to find and put away all items after use. Your child should make it a habit to clean up after himself and not rely on somebody else to do it. This is because being organized starts from the personal motivation to do things on our own without waiting on other people.

Encourage Starting a Collection 

The key to start being organized is to cultivate a hobby in collecting items of interest. If your child is interested in toys, books, or even stickers, encourage him or her to create a collection. This way, the child will learn how to classify, sort and arrange the items all by himself. Eventually, organizing will become a natural thing in everything else.

Give Rewards and Show Support 

It is not easy to learn so many things at such a young age. Thus, it is important to apply positive reinforcement on things that you want your child to develop more quickly. Positive reinforcement is a concept of rewarding something to a subject whenever they do a desired action. By doing so, they will associate the reward to that specific action and tend to do it more often.

Showing your support and giving a reward every now and then will motivate them even further. They will learn to continue keeping their stuff and time organized at all times.


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