Popular Topics for Children to Write About


Most of us today find it hard to write essays. It may be due to the popular misconception that writing requires talent. However, it can be learned through practice. Writing is likewise taught in all levels of learning, and students are expected by the time they graduate that they are capable of writing stories that they want to share to their peers.

But writing needs to be learned at an early age. So how do you encourage a child to write? A few popular topics that kids can easily relate to in their writing activities are:

  • The favorite superhero.

All kids have their favorite superhero. And this is good because they see the kind of qualities that they want to imbibe in their own wellbeing, qualities that they believe will make them a better person. So yes, if you want to know how they intend to shape their lives as they grow up, it would be great to ask them to write about their superhero.

This topic helps them practice writing people profiles, and it as well encourages them to use descriptive phrases to bring to life the information they know about these characters. This is also a topic that triggers their interest and will keep them from getting bored while writing.

  • Their ambitions.

What does your child want to be when they grow up? Well, another popular theme used in a composition course for children is about dreams and ambitions. While they are often asked what they want to be when they grow up, only a few ask why and how they intend to reach these dreams.

By getting to know their ambitions, you also learn about your child’s view on life and their future. And yes, they are also able to express their feelings about how they want to build their dreams even at an early age.

  • A simple autobiography.

If you want to know more about how your child sees themselves at an early age, then it is best to ask them to write a simple autobiography. This “all about me” essay topic lets them describe themselves in a candid manner. Here they can write about their favorite things, their other likes and dislikes, and as well as ways on how they can improve themselves.

  • What are their wishes?

Another common theme used in a composition course for kids is about their wishes. What do they wish for Christmas or their birthday? This topic allows them to be honest and creative at the same time, since they are able to write about things that they imagine coming to life.

  • Ask your child to write about your family.

This is probably one of the easiest themes for kids to write, as it is the most familiar and relatable. Kids spend most of their time with their family, so they already know what to put on their essay as far as content is concerned.

Your child can talk about your family members, describe how it is like to be in your family, or narrate an adventure that they experienced with you. This helps a lot in nurturing their ability to tell stories of events, which come in handy later on especially when pursue careers in creative writing or journalism.


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